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Energy Generation

Water Supply and Recovery

Consulting Services

If you desire to enhance your business’ energy and water performance, SEM Solutions can identify options and evaluate the business cases of each to help answer those “what if” questions.

Equipped with a wide range of proprietary tools, we can monitor, measure and interpret all aspects of energy and water consumption in your business.

We offer a wide range of professional services that focus mainly on the Energy Generation & Water Supply industries.

Energy & Water Consulting

For expert advice and analysis, we offer professional engineering and consulting services.

  • Detail Design and Drawings Generation
  • Tender Specifications and Adjudication
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Special Investigations and Audits
  • Financial Analysis and Cashflow Projections

Energy Efficiency

By establishing a benchmark for your facility, we are able to implement various energy efficiency strategies that will markedly reduce your energy consumption, thereby reducing your facility’s carbon footprint in a way that makes business sense.

  • Energy Recovery
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Arbitrage
  • Demand Side Management
  • Hot Water Systems

Water Efficiency

SEM Solutions has extensive experience in finding the right solution for your specific water supply and saving requirements.

  • Water Efficiency & Retrofit
  • Water Systems Pressure Control
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Water Network Analysis
  • Water Network Optimisation

Green Building – CXA (ICA)

Using us as the preferred Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) on their Green Building projects, our clients can achieve the necessary level of system integration between different building services and optimal operation for the desired building performance.

SEM Solutions has vast experience in managing the commissioning process for various services and our offering covers:

  • Design Stage
  • As-built Stage
  • Tenant Fit-outs
  • Building Tuning

Operate & Maintain (O&M)

SEM Solutions has experience in Operating and Maintaining solar PV and water recycling plants, to ensure that you obtain the maximum yield from your investment.

Our O&M process is designed to maximise plant performance and limit unplanned downtime by focussing on pro-active interventions rather than re-active measures.

  • Operate and Maintain both Energy and Water installations.
  • Detailed Maintenance Report Generation.

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