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At SEM Solutions we understand our clients’ business and that is why our focus is wider than just number crunching engineering, calculations and simulations.

By looking at the bigger picture we can help clarify the needs and wants of our clients and build strategies on how to best integrate our service offering into their respective business model.

We know that investments in our industry are long term commitments, which is why our in-house business and financial analysis experts can provide our clients with detailed cost estimates and realistic financial projections that will result in favourable returns on their investments.


Our Engineering, Procurement and Construction model has been streamlined to give true value to the term “turn-key”.
We take care of the entire project from start to finish.

Step 1


Inception: SEM’s Sales Engineers will assist in detailing the perfect project brief. In this stage, we engage with our clients in-depth to really understand their needs and wants.

Concept & Viability: Our Design Engineers get cracking on a conceptual design with first-order estimates and Life Cycle Analysis. If the project is deemed viable, we’ll take the process to the next step.

Step 2


Detail Design: The cogs really start turning as this stage includes the detailed design, final cost estimations, final Life Cycle Analysis together with Cashflow projections and Financial close.

Documentation & Procurement: We handle all applications, registrations and appointments. Part of this stage is producing detailed performance and technical specifications for all equipment. Our PQS (Professionally registered Quantity Surveyor) marries the entire installation to a detailed priced Bill of Quantities. At the end of Step 2, we provide a detailed project programme and start procuring the long lead items.

Step 3


Construction: From here it is all hands on deck (or the roof / in the ground). Our Project Manager ensures that the installation is done within the agreed timeline and budget, whilst monitoring that the physical installation meets our clients’ expectations.

Close-out: The SEM’s Quality Assurance Manager and his team inspects and assesses the site to guarantee the same level of high-quality workmanship on each and every project. At the end of each project, our clients receive the required technical training on the system components and the operation of the plant, together with detailed operation and maintenance manuals.

Step 4


Operate and Maintain: SEM is proud to offer a 12-month O&M contract on all new installations to give our clients the peace of mind that their new asset will perform the way it was intended.


The OBT contract follows the same process as the EPC model, with a slight twist to Stage 4 (Documentation & Procurement).

With the Open Book Tender approach, SEM will tender out each piece of the puzzle to the market and agree on a competitive margin with the client upfront.

During the adjudicated process the client has the freedom to choose the preferred equipment and/or suppliers.


If you have a predetermined and well-engineered scope of work and your only looking for an installation partner, we provide professionally managed and high-quality installations. Stages 1 to 4 would be done by another party and we’ll jump on board for Stages 5 and 6.


For expert advice and analysis, we offer professional engineering and consulting services for all your energy and water needs.

We handle Stages 1 to 3 in the same way we would an EPC contract. Stage 4 is tendered out to the market and adjudicated by SEM, but the information that goes out to the market is customizable to suit our clients’ needs.

The basic level of tendering would be a performance specification only. In addition, we offer detailed technical and/or performance specifications for the installation.

SEM will handle the tender adjudication process and the client will appoint the preferred contractor(s). If required, SEM also offers construction monitoring services to oversee the progress and quality of the installation. Another value add is that SEM offers financial control services for the construction phase where we evaluate all financial claims from the contractor, adjudicate variation orders and assist with the final account of the project.

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