“SA needs a new mindset for power generation as the world moves
toward renewables.”

Pakamani Hadebe | Eskom CEO | 14 May 2019 (African Utility Week Keynote Address)

We have been honing our skill since 1997 to
reduce and optimise a facility’s water and
electricity usage.

Energy and Water (Utility) Audits

SEM's utility audits will provide you with the following:

A benchmark for your facility
A break down of energy and water usage
A list of saving strategies identified
Cost and saving estimates for each intervention

SEM has developed extensive experience in:

Solar PV (grid-tied and off-grid, hybrid and battery integration)

Air conditioning optimisation

Lighting optimisation

Domestic hot water optimisation (including heat pumps and solar heating)

Power factor correction

Demand side management

Tariff analysis

Alternative energy and co-generation analysis

Waste heat recovery

Energy Management information systems

Water consumption sub-metering and logging

Water efficiency improvement